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Media Log 4 - Essay Example

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In a modern family, it is very important for parents to understand how their children in order for the parents to be in a better position to solving the problems of children. This was the theme of the 12th episode of the 5th season of Modern Family, aired on January 15, 2014…
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Media Log 4
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Extract of sample "Media Log 4"

TOPIC: POSTS LECTURER: In a modern family, it is very important for parents to understand how their children in order for the parents to be in a better position to solving the problems of children. This was the theme of the 12th episode of the 5th season of Modern Family, aired on January 15, 2014. This is because in the episode, the creators focused on the character of Alex, who had constantly in times past and present being under pressure to impress people. With the title of the episode being “Under Pressure”, Alex recorded a meltdown on her 16th birthday because of the pressure of work that she put herself through. At an encounter with her therapist, she also confessed to behaving in similar manner for a very long time in her life as she has always wanted to please all people around her. Her rationale for doing this was that her own people did not understand her. Indeed, this is an exemplification of how distant modern family members are even though they may all live together in the same house. It had to take Claire going to Alex’s school to experience a similar situation where she was made to solve a mathematical problem to realise how distressing it could be for anyone to be put under pressure or put him or herself under pressure with the goal be pleasing others. From the episode, one is forced to ask if members of today’s modern family really live independent lives. This is because if Alex had learnt the act of living independently, she would not have probably worried herself about the need to put herself under pressure to please others. But then there the real issue could be that the family expects so much from its members.
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Raines, Leigh. January 16, 2014. "Modern Family Review: Open House". TV Fanatic. Read More
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Media Log 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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