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The episode, interwoven with other episodes showed a couple of weeks earlier tried to look at the place of perfectionism in today’s family. Whiles doing this,…
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Media Log 1
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TOPIC: MEDIA LOG (MODERN FAMILY) LECTURER: “Family Portrait” was the of the final episode of the first season of Modern Family, showed on May 19, 2010. The episode, interwoven with other episodes showed a couple of weeks earlier tried to look at the place of perfectionism in today’s family. Whiles doing this, the episode exposes the issue of parental discretion and its impact on the family also. This is because in an attempt to get all the family to take a photograph to be used as a family portrait, Claire would let go every other person’s interest to attain a perfect family portrait. She does this by suppressing the freedom of those she could and denying others their right. What this shows about a typical modern family is how parents try to use their authority to get what they desire from all other family members. But as much as Claire tried to achieve her perfect dream family portrait, the more the other people in the family tried to look into areas of their lives that they felt could bring them happiness and freedom. For example Phil took some of the other family members to watch a game and actually ignored Claire’s phone call. What this shows is that in a typical family, the need to allow each person to function as an independent social being is very important. This is because as it turned out to be, Claire would not have the sort of perfect portrait she dreamed of after all. This is because even after she had managed to get all the family set for the photograph in their white dresses, Jay starts a mud fight, making their perfect while costumes dirty.
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ABC. Family Portrait. 2010. Web. September 21, 2014. Read More
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