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Analyzing critique - Case Study Example

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Social Relations Name: Institute: Date: Social relation refers to the way micro and the macro aspects of a society are interlinked. It is as well the social interaction in any given social system. In the socialization theories, Talcott Persons portray the social relation as a representation of a society with a social voluntarism nature…
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Analyzing critique
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Download file to see previous pages This paper explains the critiques of the social relations especially in contrary to the philosophical aspects of the socialization theory in a given social setting. The paper also explains the social relation as a key factor influencing differentiation and socialization. The social relation is a part of differentiation and socialization hence it is the effective aspect towards the understanding of the norms in the society. The first time I saw the critiques of this written social material, the message was not clear on the social relations. Finally, the message was a clear one on the contemporary view of our modern societies (Peachin, 2011 p121). Talcott believes in the family system as the major contributor to the social relations in the society. He states that the father is the head of the family and gives him major roles as opposed to the mother hence bring one of the critique areas in relation to the equality. Even though the social system involves the whole interactions and relationship among the individual actors, it is unable to deal effectively with the process of social change. This one of the critique related areas as all the elements of the social relation should always reinforce one another in order to contribute to change. The social relations theory duels mostly in the conflict in the society though it fails to deal with the conflicts effectively in the long run. The emphasis of social relation as well dwells in harmonious relationship and co-existence yet conflict is a destructive and accompanied by anomie. The family towards the strengthening of a social relation enhances mental solidarity in the society. The mental solidarity is important towards the integration of the society especially in cases of anomie where it gives room for sanctions. The critiques while trying to explain about the mental solidarity believes only the family, though it is the basic unit of the society should not be the centre of social relation system. Talcott sees the socialization as a major aspect of social relation to be of two different dimensions that are; the internalisation of culture of the society as well as passing of knowledge on preparation of the individuals towards their independent roles. Social relations involve interactions. These interactions involve the learning of the ways of the society as well as social norms, which should be of the upper and lower limits of interaction. Personality is the other aspect severely criticised from Talcott’s theory. He believes personality is the mirror image of the social relations in a social system. Through the family individuals, learn the values and virtues of the society. The family is the core area for the development of personality in the social system. The family, on the other hand, limits the wider social system through the father. The father is viewed by the functional society as having an instrumental role. This is through his role of providing for the family (Campbell & Frances, 2004 p145). The instrumental role of the mother, on the other hand, involves the serving as the linking factor between the family and the wider society. She is also charged with provision of an emotional support, which Talcott only linked, to the traditional and primitive social settings. In the contemporary society, the provision role of the father ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyzing Critique Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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