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When in social places that have a combination of these cultures, it is always a perfect opportunity to understand and work with people. Across these cultures, preferences…
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Middle Eastern Humanities CH. 5
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Banquet for a delegation Introduction Across the world, there are millions of people that are characterized by unlimited cultures and traditions. When in social places that have a combination of these cultures, it is always a perfect opportunity to understand and work with people. Across these cultures, preferences for meals, entertainment as well as codes of ethics varies considerably (Ang 24).
Setting up the environment
The number of visitors that will be attending the banquet will determine the kind of table arrangement and set up that will be required. In general, there are various kinds of arrangements that can be used in setting up the environment for the visitors, for instance, in order to maximize the number of banquet tables in the room, they can be set in a corner or fit in the center of the room. In most cases, diagonal placement and arrangement of banquet tables is deemed to be spacious and efficient as opposed to lateral rows.
Setting up a banquet
In making a six-course banquet for visitors from the East, Israel and turkey can require proper planning of the events so that the culinary cultures of the visitors are not violated or offended. However, the banquet being offered may not necessarily incorporate all the cultural values of the visitors, a great degree of comfort and confidence in setting up the banquet is necessary (Helstosky 87). At the same time, there has to be a high degree of ethics related to table manners and other culinary involvements.
During the event, tea will be served, as well as other warm beverages depending on the state of the weather, if it will be extremely hot, then it will be prudent to serve cold beverages. During the session, snacks like peanuts or sweets will also be offered for those that may wish to have them, as the visitors get to interact and share light moments, the host will have to inform them when to sit on the round tables.
In terms of dishes, beef, chicken, vegetables, as well as different varieties of seafood, shall also be offered, while serving, it will be necessary to keep the number of dishes even (Notaker 187). However, the number of guests and their culinary practices, according to their cultures will determine the setting up of dishes during the banquet.
Most often, rice is always served in large banquets, it is usually served last or as the second-last dish, this is done with the aim of avoiding the impression that the host was in misery for serving a meal that is different from the main basic food. Before serving dessert, it is important to start with soup, this ensures that any small amount of space in the stomach is filled, thereafter, fruits or ice cream are offered.
Banquets at night dinners are important opportunities to treat ones guests to sumptuous meals, it is also a time to honor other people’s culinary and other cultural practices related to meals and eating etiquette. It is imperative to appreciate the diversity that exists in people from different cultures, the ability to handle all these people in such events demonstrates an individual’s cross-cultural competence and respect for other people (Leavitt 123).

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