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Narrative analysisi: argument through story - Essay Example

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The movie is primarily a comedy play with a unique setting in the sense that it derived its inspiration from the 1997 Backwoods Home Magazine classified ad. Since the…
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Narrative analysisi: argument through story
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Extract of sample "Narrative analysisi: argument through story"

Download file to see previous pages He embarks on an investigative mission to find the author of the strange posting. Together with his friends Kenneth (Mark Duplass), Arnau, and Jeff, Darius actually believes that he can turn back the time and rectify old mistakes or change the past. The state of paranoia and naivety in the characters lead them to investigate a funny ad that Kenneth wrote (Ebert, 2012). In as much as everyone in the film has the determination to accomplish certain objectives, they have to contend with the notion that ‘safety is not guaranteed’ in their endeavors.
In a bid to confuse or amuse more people, Kenneth asks for company so that his time journey can be a success. Although Kenneth reversed time only once before, he is confident that his efforts will bear fruits and help see and possibly correct past mistakes. Since he is not sure of the outcome, he gives the precaution to everyone who wants to accompany him that their safety will not be guaranteed. It causes confusion not only to the people who read the ad, but also to his closest friends who think that he is not in his right senses. Fortunately, the time travel journey becomes successful, to the astonishment of Kenneth’s friends, some of whom were ill prepared for the journey. The time travel gathers popularity within the scene in the sense that most of the characters in the film want to engage in the time travel (Ging, 2013). 
With no guarantee to safety, Kenneth’s friends decide to take the leap into the future. At first, the ad promising an unguaranteed time travel excites the magazine writer. Jake Johnson decide to invite his friends including Darius (Aubrey Plaza), to witness the marvelous event that is about to take place. From the movie, it is evident that time the phenomenon of travel excites everyone. The producer and the director of the movie had the objective of appealing to the audience in a supernatural manner. It is so in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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