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The Negative Effect Of Middle Name Atsitso - Essay Example

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The paper "The Negative Effect Of Middle Name Atsitso" discusses why prior of naming, a lot is considered as the names to have an implication on the type of person that will be dictated by the name. The paper also explains why this name doesn't fit the writer…
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The Negative Effect Of Middle Name Atsitso
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Download file to see previous pages These myths have made it worse for me especially in an effort to accept that name as my own. This name has really had negative implications in my life.
As seen in the research conducted by Crook, it is in the shrines that bodies are laid and at times the reasons behind the deaths are very unclear (67). The author gives a good example of the ones at Bardney that were laid in a shrine (Crook 67). This explains the mysteries that lie in the shrines as the author claims that the ones at Bardney were indeed unclear. Relating this to my name meaning a shrine, I do not like this aspect at all. Persons may relate to the cultic features of the shrine to my name as well as my personality which does not sound good to me at all.
In the work as well, Crook is of the thought that shrines are constructed using the remains of materials that were used to put up other buildings (104). A good example is that of Eadwig’s time when shrines were rebuilt using the old front and back plates (Crook 104). In the event that I relate this fact to my life, I strongly feel that I do not want anyone to call me by that name Atsitso ever again. In my opinion, I relate the construction of the shrines as an afterthought of other constructions. I do not believe I am a product of an afterthought. This hurts my self-esteem a great deal; that is why I forbid people to ever call me using that name.
In shrines, dead bodies are laid to rest. Even after burials, some bodies are normally raised from the ground and laid to rest in the shrines. Crook gives an example of Aldhelm who was exhumed and laid to rest in a shrine (104). Who would want a name that relates to shrines and a place for dead bodies? This explains why I renounce my name that has a lot to do with ones and dead bodies. At times people ridicule me because of the same. At times people ridicule me because of the same. As the days pass, my personality is greatly affected and will continually ask people to never call me by that name. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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