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Indeed, when I was growing up I experienced different sporting activities. Basketball, American Football, Soccer, and Lawn tennis were prominent sports in my neighborhood. However, I realized my growing interest and talent…
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Download file to see previous pages Today, my community regards me as a better soccer player. I can trace my perfection in soccer to good mentorship, talent, and consistent practice. This narrative will demonstrate just how mentorship, talent, exposure, and practice can cause a player to become a better soccer player.
My parents and I realized my talent and interest in soccer at the most crucial time that allowed for dedicated training, support, and perfection of my skills. My parents usually narrate to me how I had immense love for soccer balls at a tender age, which played a major part in convincing them that I may have a talent and interest in soccer. My parents bought me several soccer balls and I would even try to make some using polythene papers. At two years of age, I was already gazing a pictures of people playing soccer and kicking balls in my room where soccer balls were some of the toys that I loved. While I was joining kindergarten my parents informed my teachers about my love for soccer where the teachers helped me to nature my talent from an early age.
When I gained the capacity to read, I demonstrated my interest in soccer by reading soccer magazines and identifying with popular soccer players. My colleagues at the elementary school nicknamed me Ronaldo. I zeroed in on captivating soccer pullouts, hung magazines, and newspaper cuttings related to soccer in my small room. My parents supported my quest by buying me soccer magazines. With time, I started practicing some of the soccer skills defined in the soccer magazines. The soccer magazines enhanced my knowledge on playing skills, soccer literacy, and detailed information on soccer as a professional sport. I learnt about coaches, rules, players, levels of competition, financial benefits, physical benefits, and FIFA from the soccer magazines. I have been practicing the lessons derived from the soccer magazines in my entire life, which has helped me to perfect my soccer knowledge and skills.
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