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Guitar Hero: More Than a Video Game - Essay Example

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It is an article which was written by Christopher Palmeri. Indeed, Palmeri is a distinguished scholar who has made a lot of contributions to the field of writing. Currently, he is a…
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Guitar Hero: More Than a Video Game
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Extract of sample "Guitar Hero: More Than a Video Game"

Summary Guitar Hero: More than Just a Video Game This paper gives a critical and in-depth summary of Guitar Hero: More than Just a Video Game. It is an article which was written by Christopher Palmeri. Indeed, Palmeri is a distinguished scholar who has made a lot of contributions to the field of writing. Currently, he is a reporter for the Bloomberge News, Los Angeles. He has also been working as a senior correspondent for the Business Week in which he mainly writes about marvelous stories concerning art, housing, fashion, toys, energy and casino. Before then, he worked for the prestigious Forbes Magazine where he served for a total of 13 years. In this article, he discusses about the emergence of Guitar Hero and how it contributed towards the development of music industry.
In his analysis, Palmeri reports that the Guitar Hero emerged as a media outlet and started gaining popularity in the late 2000. Since then, it has become a very popular sort of game which is not only played by children, but by everyone in the society regardless of their age. It was a game which was not difficult to play. Its designers were quite keen to produce a product which would revolutionize the music industry. For instance, when the Guitar Hero II emerged, it became much popular with many people. Thus, it was welcomed as was predicted by this author when he said that the rise of such media would make the music industry much viable.
I would like to point out this article is so valuable. It has a lot of important information which can really help many people. First, as the author examines, Guitar Hero was undoubtedly a new technology which would make a lot of contributions towards the cultural transformations of the society. A part from making music games to be a chief source of income, it would definitely contribute to the cultural development of the society. At one point, he asserts, ‘it’s doubtful that the record companies would make a lot of money selling downloads through the video games.’ Even if it was projected to be popular with the younger generations, the game gained much popularity to the extent that even the adults played it. This was confirmed by the author when he said, ‘Parents who bought the game for their children ended up playing it too’ meaning, it was appreciated by everyone. This would concur with Palmeri’s predictions about the future of the media.
In my point of view, Guitar Hero: More than Just a Video Game is an invaluable article. It gives a lot of information about the emergence historical developments and the significant contributions of the Guitar Hero to the music industry. As the author exclaims, Guitar Hero was a transformation invention which marked a significant point in the music industry. He is right for attributing the success of the sector to it besides, it made it much easier for the people’s culture to be preserved and be passed to different generations. After all as Van Toffler says, ‘Our heritage is music.’ Meaning, by promoting music, culture is promoted.
In conclusion, Guitar Hero: More than Just a Video Game gives a candid discussion about the rise, history and the values of the Guitar Hero game to the music industry and the culture. As the author explains, it took a long time for it to become popular with many people. This made it have a lot of significance both to the users, artists and the society at large. Read More
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