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From Pac Man to Grand Theft Auto - Research Paper Example

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The survey “From Pac Man to Grand Theft Auto” gives a detailed background of technological developments and innovations in gaming technology over the past four decades. The interactive gaming industry is competing with the movie industry in terms of revenue and user impact…
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From Pac Man to Grand Theft Auto
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Extract of sample "From Pac Man to Grand Theft Auto"

Download file to see previous pages The main factors behind the success of the gaming industry have been the kind of innovations the companies have come up with. These innovations have been in the form of technology, content, and marketing. The technological developments in the past five or six decades have been instrumental in changing the way people live the world over. The video game industry has also greatly benefitted by it. Even before Pac man there were games that captured the imagination of people, the first of them was called ‘tennis for two’ and was created in 1958 and could be played only on oscilloscopes. The first game intended for being played on a computer was ‘Space war’ and was created by Ralph Baer. In 1962 Steve Russell created the game that could be played on a PDP-1, an interactive minicomputer; the positive aspect was that two players could play the game against each other. Space war is still popular and some version of it can be found on almost every computer in the world.
The first game that could be played on a television was ‘chase’ and this paved way for an independent console that could be used to play computer and video games. Companies like Atari, Nintendo, Mattel, and Coleco made appearances and brought in new ideas. The late 70s and early 80s were good for the video games industry but the slump in the IT industry in the early 80s affected the gaming industry.  Famous games like a battle zone, defender and Pac man were invented during the 80s. Later Nintendo introduced its’ Gameboy’ which was a handheld device for playing games in 1987. It was a path-breaking invention. Newer games like ‘Tetris’ increased sales of the device by millions of units. Super Mario Bros and Luigi became famous characters. According to a survey conducted in 1991 children were able to identify Mario more than Mickey Mouse. Video game consoles were also sold along with these games because they had improved graphics, but when the demand for home computers increased, the sale of these consoles decreased. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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