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Border - Essay Example

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A border refers to a boundary that limits accessibility to specific people. The focus of this essay is the Immigration station at the John F. Kennedy…
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Extract of sample "Border"

Borders Airports serve as a point of access for citizens from different countries; therefore, they qualify as geographical borders. A border refers to a boundary that limits accessibility to specific people. The focus of this essay is the Immigration station at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Located in Queens, New York City, the airport serves as one of the major terminals for tourists and locals visiting New York City and its environs.
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, airports around the country have implemented stringent security checks for all passengers. In addition, the rise in drug trafficking around the globe also necessitated the institution of heightened security checks in airports. The immigration station is responsible for checking each passenger’s documentation to ascertain the validity. Unlike US citizens, international citizens undergo more stringent security checks. US legislations mandate their compliance to US policies pertaining to immigration documentation, luggage policies, and invasive security checks. Firstly, each immigrant passenger must have a valid international visa and passport, which provides details about their travel history. Logging passengers’ documentation into the airport system provides a reference point for authorities in the event of a crisis. For example, law enforcement units obtain search warrants to access travel logs from airports when examining evidence of an alleged criminal’s history. In addition, the immigration personnel at the airport examine immigrants’ documentation to confirm that they have received all the stipulated immunizations. Secondly, the luggage policies are in place to ensure no contraband materials make their way into the country; for example, drugs. Finally, the invasive security checks such as full-body scans and physical searches are in place to ensure passengers are not in possession of any weapons. Currently, there are high-tech equipment that search for any explosives on a passenger and on their luggage. The security systems are continuously upgraded to ensure airports authority keep up with advanced types of security breaches.
My first visit to the J.F.K International airport was a couple of years back on a family vacation. At the time, I was unaware of the purpose of security checks. In retrospect, I remember being extremely fascinated by having to walk through the full-body scan machines because of the sounds they made. Recently, I visited some friends who live in Manhattan for a month. My parents simply dropped me off at the airport, as they believed I was old enough to handle the procedures at the airport solely. Unlike during my first visit, the security checks were now more stringent. I had to pass through metal detectors and undergo full-body searches at every gate I passed. As I was sitting waiting for my flight to board, I sought some passengers’ opinions about the security checks. For most of them, the security checks were very intensive; however, they all agreed that they were useful in preempting security breaches.
In conclusion, the immigration station at the J.F.K International airport is an exemplary border. The screening tools used to ensure security at the airport help to prevent unlawful entry of undocumented immigrants into the country while preventing attacks such as the terror attacks that happened in 2001. Read More
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