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Being a child when we first step into a school, from there the real definition of our life begins. There are many things on the surface of this earth, which stay far away until we seek or experience them practically.
Being a child when…
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Narration Paper Prompt
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Download file to see previous pages Being a student I steadily realized that the society itself differentiate between male and female.
I am a female and soon I got friends with both males and females in my class. Two boys and one girl of them became my best friends. We used to do each and everything together, play games, lunch parties, every single thing which calls for some get to gather fun. My class occupied a male class teacher, who used to be responsible for our every act in school, outside the class boundaries. His name was James Scott, and we used to call him Professor James. Professor James was a teacher of Math in school. Outside he was a very friendly and generous teacher, but inside opposite to what he seemed. I never jumped into the diplomatic face of his, until an incident happened which showed Professor James hidden face. As you all know the students do some silly things also at their school times, especially along with support of boys. One day the two male best friends of mine, Nick & Harry brought some alcohol and weed to the school and planned to try them along with me and Tina for the first time. Everybody knows that smoking and alcohol is banned for us until we turn out to be 21. Likewise every school abides by this rule strictly, for their students. When Nick told me about this plan, I refused in the first place. But then Harry and Tina forced me that its nothing more than just fun, and trying just for once won’t kill me or them either. The plan was to try weed and alcohol after the Math class, in math class room, because no other classes were used to be conducted in that room for next two hours. The math class was the last class in the ground floor at the corner. Eventually, I agreed with my friends to go for this illegal act in the school itself. According to the plan we waited for the class to get empty after the math’s lecture. As soon as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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