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Ethos appeal to the credibility of the audience through the use of reputation, know-how and the author’s values to validate claims (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147). Logos appeals to the audience’s…
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Rhetorical Analyses Assignment
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"Rhetorical Analyses" Assignment Answer the following questions in a Word document that you then upload to this Drop box.•Fill in the blank:
•The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to determine how and why texts are or are not influential (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147).
•Ultimately, the objective of a rhetorical analysis is to show why a text was effective or persuasive (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147).
• [a component of the essay]: An explanation of the rhetorical concepts that you will use to analyze the subject (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147).
•Name and explain the three proofs authors use to persuade audiences.
The three proofs authors use to persuade audiences are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos appeal to the credibility of the audience through the use of reputation, know-how and the author’s values to validate claims (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147). Logos appeals to the audience’s beliefs and attitudes while pathos touches on the audience’s feelings to influence their emotions (Johnson-Sheehan et al 147).
•From page 169 of Writing Today:
•With a group, discuss the ways people try to persuade you. How do family members try to persuade you? How do your friends try to persuade you. In way ways do their persuasive strategies differ the ways advertisers try to persuade people?
Family members try to persuade me with practical experiences that help me visualize a broader perspective of issues. Friends on the other hand use sweet and luring words that attract me to what they want me to do. For the case of the advertisers, they use rhetorical analysis that enable them analyze the extent in which their messages will persuade the audiences targeted and the general public as well (Johnson-Sheehan et al 149-69).
•List some ways people try to use their credibility (ethos) or emotion (pathos) to persuade others.
Ways in which pathos is used to persuade others (Johnson-Sheehan et al 148).
By promising surprises after doing things in an expected way
By cautioning on the pain and loss that will be experienced failure to agreeing with a certain way
By instilling disgust feelings on an audience especially after one is unfair to them
By promising rewards after agreements with the set demands.
Supposedly, using reason (logos) is the most reliable way to persuade someone, and yet we use credibility and emotion all the time to get our points across. Why?
Emotion is mostly used at most times to get our points across as pathos as it is easy to touch one’s feelings as opposed to reason.
When are arguments from credibility and emotion even more persuasive than arguments that rely on reason?
When appealing to voters and consumers arguments from pathos and ethos appear to be more persuasive than arguments from logos (Johnson-Sheehan et al 149).
Work Cited
Johnson-Sheehan, Richard. Paine, Charles., Shaw, Cathi & Stouck, Jordan. Writing Today. Ontario: Pearson Canada Inc. 2013. Print. Read More
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