The Historical Background of the Healthcare Issue - Assignment Example

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This assignment "The Historical Background of the Healthcare Issue" focuses on the three principal audiences that directly impact the issue. The author was successful in outlining the individual roles of all stakeholders in the health care industry…
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The Historical Background of the Healthcare Issue
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Response to the assignment by Darryl Thomas
The author was successful in making me accept his strategy of applying mixed methods when dealing with the issue. My favorite part was the author’s admission that the application of a collective strategy would be difficult because the involved parties would be holding divergent opinions whose conflict may cause inconvenience in the healthcare industry.

Response to Donald Williams’ Article
This article is more inclusive as it includes the American people who are the main beneficiaries of the issue (NEDARC, 2010). It was clear that the author was trying to divert from politics by involving the government instead of individual political parties. I was especially moved by the author’s attitude of staying clear of the historical background of the healthcare issue, and instead suggesting mechanisms that can be applied in improving the situation. In my opinion, the author is trying to make everybody feel responsible for making the health care plan a success.

Response to the Assignment by Tonia Dandridge
In this assignment, it is clear that the author is trying to interconnect both the internal and external factors that lead to criminal recidivism. In my opinion, the three audiences; that is, the state parole board, the state bar association and the board of directors of the Exodus Transitional Community, fully represent the sources of interventions that can be applied in mitigating the causative factors (Lehman and Phelps, 2005). However, I think that the researcher would be inconvenienced if he waits for the state parole board to convene the meetings for them to present. The author should conclude by outlining the modalities and mechanisms that would make sure that the presentation is crucial to the audience (Madden, 2009). Read More
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