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Writer: The author of this article is Nathan Francis who is has a prolonged history of journalism and during his career he has focused on several uses including politics, education as well as the business arena.
Purpose: The purpose of writing this news article was to persuade…
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Rhetorical situation analysis
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Rhetoric Situation Analysis Rhetoric Situations The of this article is Nathan Francis who is has a prolonged history of journalism and during his career he has focused on several uses including politics, education as well as the business arena.
Purpose: The purpose of writing this news article was to persuade the audience about Russia’s plans to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. The purpose is quite evident because the author uses various facts as well as statements from leading figures to promote the purpose.
Audience: The audience that the author has targeted is the general population who read online news papers and wants to remain up-to-date about the crises taking place throughout the world. The author targets the population who belong to the category of young adults as this is an online article and young adults are involved in reading online news articles on daily basis.
Topic: The topic that has been selected by the author is the threat that the Russian government might use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.
Context: The author has authored this news when there is a conflict between the Russian government and the Ukrainian government. The author talks about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in the age where the threat and possibility of a nuclear war taking place is quite possible.
Rhetoric Analysis
The article titled Russia Threatening To Drop Nuclear Bomb In Ukraine, Defense Minister Claims has been authored by Nathan Francis and he has used various rhetorical tools to persuade the audience about the likelihood of Russian getting involved in the act of bombing Ukraine with Nuclear Weapons (Francis 1). The news item lacks the use of strategy of ethos because the audience may not find the author credible enough to talk about such a subject. This is because the author is a journalist who is not academically or professionally equipped to make the claim that has been made in the article. Secondly, the author has mostly focused on trade journalism and may lack the experience of performing journalism activities on the topic of war.
The author has quite effectively used the tool of pathos to persuade the audience that the possibility of Russia using a nuclear bomb is quite high. The author has used emotional appeal using the tool of fear to prove his point. Within the article points out that Russia has already been involved in the act of killing huge number of soldiers of Ukraine while providing them a route of exit to trap them. The most prominent and strongly used tool by the author to persuade the audience about the attack is the use of logos. Throughout the article the author has used testimony from different authorities to persuade the audience. Even in the heading of the article the author states that the Defense Minister claims that Russia will probably attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons. In another instance the author quotes the president of Lithuania who claims that Russia is conducting a war against the European Union. The strongest use of authority by the author was the president of Russia’s claim that it can completely takeover entire Kiev within a matter of two weeks.
Works Cited
Francis, Nathan. Russia Threatening To Drop Nuclear Bomb In Ukraine, Defense Minister Claims. The Inquisitr News. N.p., 2014. Web. 2 Sep. 2014. Read More
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