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I decided to take a 15 minutes’ walk around the neighborhood to have some sunshine. Just a few meters from our main gate, I noticed an…
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Descriptive walking exercise
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Descriptive Walking Exercise Last Sunday was a bright day that marked the beginning of Summer in the Northern City of San Francisco, where I live with my elder brother. I decided to take a 15 minutes’ walk around the neighborhood to have some sunshine. Just a few meters from our main gate, I noticed an old couple that had decided to walk their Rottweiler dog for the morning sunshine. As I walked past them, I could not ignore the sweet sounds coming from flocks of birds that had perched on some small artificial forests created people in this city.
At the end of the road, there is a small recreational park which has a half grown fence, where I could see a family enjoying a picnic at the far end, at the right side of park, friends were playing volleyball, young children in baseball training, children running around the evenly distributed park. Having walked on one side of the road, I decided to cross over to the other side when my attention shifted to a guy fixing a flat tire near a large green area with some beautiful green trees.
After walking for almost five kilometers across the neighborhood, I finally ended my walk and turned back at a police post where police were chilling. Immediately after the police post, I stopped to buy some ice cream from a van selling cream when I noticed some couple jogging back home, as some white rabbits chased each other into the thicket. Read More
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Descriptive Walking Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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