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Every time I see an individual, I do not see him or her as a stranger but as somebody interesting who could widen my perspective. Others may prefer to be with people whom they already know especially in school but I prefer to be with newcomers. It is because so…
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Befriending Erick I like people. Every time I see an individual, I do not see him or her as a stranger but as somebody interesting who could widen my perspective. Others may prefer to be with people whom they already know especially in school but I prefer to be with newcomers. It is because so much is still to be discovered about them. The farther their culture or orientation from me, the more I like it because I learned more from the person.
I can recall there was this Asian new student in school in the name of Erick. Nobody paid so much attention to him because his features was not exactly imposing such as those who are known in school. I happened to sat him at lunch and talked to him. At first he was a little reserved but begun talking as soon as I have introduced myself and my friends to him.
We became friends since. I was glad that I befriended him because I learned so much from him. I did not expect him to be very smart that he even helped me with school works. Our classmates are beginning to notice him but I am his priority because I am his friend who befriended him when he was still new at school.
We became friends for years until he went back home in Asia. It was a difficult parting because we became very close. He may no longer be around but we still keep in touch once in a while and I am happy that I have a friend in that part of the world. Read More
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