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What is your primary reason for wanting to go specifically to Heidelberg - Essay Example

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My desire to go specifically to Heidelberg is fueled by that fact that during the school years I managed to learn much about the town, and the Germany, a heart of Europe, as a whole, but did not have a chance to see everything by myself. In my school there were always several…
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Extract of sample "What is your primary reason for wanting to go specifically to Heidelberg"

Going to Heidelberg My desire to go specifically to Heidelberg is fueled by that fact that during the school years I managed to learn much about the town, and the Germany, a heart of Europe, as a whole, but did not have a chance to see everything by myself. In my school there were always several exchange students from Germany, so I had an opportunity to make friends with them. That is how I met Yannik, a student from Heidelberg, who constantly shared stories about his native country. I realized that it would be great to study there, because my dream is to become a psychiatrist and Germany offers the best medical education to become a knowledgeable and experienced professional.
Moreover, I managed to learn some basic German thanks to a girl from Berlin Carolin. My friends I helped her with building the German club and to adjust to the new conditions and surroundings. The following became a valuable experience for me as far as I not only became versed in many things concerning Germany, its people, traditions and culture, but formed a deep appreciation of all these. Therefore, I am extremely excited about the International program as I know that this is a great chance to visit Heidelberg, my friends, and to have an opportunity to actually see and experience the wonderful culture I heard so much about. At present, this is my most serious endeavor and I will apply all the efforts to fulfill it and to come to Germany, a country with the great intellectual history I have always admired. Read More
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