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This paper illustrates the water needs and usage by the Texas population. As from 2007, Texas has experienced worse historical droughts. For instance; within the Colorado River Basin, the downstream rice farmers experience challenges irrigating their crops, due to inadequate water…
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Upstream, Downstream
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This paper illustrates the water needs and usage by the Texas population. As from 2007, Texas has experienced worse historical droughts. For instance; within the Colorado River Basin, the downstream rice farmers experience challenges irrigating their crops, due to inadequate water (Jenna 1). The drought has also led to conflicts over water usage. Cities use water for economic and municipal purposes, farmers require water for irrigation and watering, industries need water for production processes, wildlife need water for ecological reasons. Texas water usage laws are categorized into two; groundwater and surface water. “Rule of capture” illustrates ground water; landowners have the resources, and the right to use water under their land. Surface water usage is regulated by the Texas state. Individuals or organizations using the surface water must continuously get water right permission from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). For the Colorado River basin, Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) grants the water usage rights. Due to the worse drought conditions LCRA and TCEQ implemented an emergency relief partnership. This ensures efficient water usage by all stakeholders in Texas.
The Austin area of the state utilizes water for diverse purpose. These include industrial usage, domestic usage, and agricultural usage. The continuously increasing population is the Austin area calls for efficient water usage plans to be effectively implemented (Jenna 3). TCEQ usually directs the LCRA to change the water plan, so as to effectively manage the downstream releases. This ensures efficient water usage in the state by all the stakeholders. TCEQ has the authority of controlling surface water like spring deliveries. Controls minimizing deliveries negatively affects wildlife and agricultural activities. For instance, the rice industry in Texas is negatively affected but to inadequate irrigation water supply. The TCEQ action is a painful decision, as a result of inadequate rainfall that led to reduction in water volumes of Highland lakes.

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