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It is the crucial need of the student that he should be enough confident and self-assured in academic and social parameters to be known as a mature student. Although maturity in…
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most crucial qualities of the mature student is self-denial, which refers with restricting oneself self by mean of determination. Self-denial is related with controlling oneself from seducement and enticement. Mature student needs to be enough confident about what he has to do, avoid and overcome in terms of attaining a good career or to lead a better social life. Though, many people in the society interrelate Self-denial with self-discipline that completely an opposite approach because self-denial is not about making rules and regulations, and following them by restricting yourself in some particular aspects. But it is the manner by which student can create a particular order and strategy to achieve his goal in his academic parameters (Anon., 2012). It can easily be observed that every individual has their particular aim and goal with grand prospect that he endeavor to achieve. But, in order to achieve those intents, there is huge self-determination required that can only be possible by the implication of self-denial. In other words, self-denial can also be referred as refusing yourself in terms of controlling and managing impulse. The fact that needs to be understood by mature student is that, nothing is perfect in this world. So in this manner, many obstacles in mistakes can be overcome and modified by taking respective measures on the right time.
If a person desires to achieve his goal, then there is a need of proper and core determination for its accomplishment that is another quality of the mature student. Determination refers with efficient effort and proper practice as goals and aims with great prospect cannot be achieved and fulfilled only by taking decision. The concept of determination and related characteristic can be found in different cultures such as in China, there is a famous tale regarding determination known as ‘The Foolish Old Man Removed the Mountain, that depicts several characters specifically the spirits of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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