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The author, Brian Turner, in this poem shows some situations that are faced by the American soldiers in the Arabic world. Furthermore; the poem shows the daily life reflections of…
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Textual analysis about What Every Soldier Should Know
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Download file to see previous pages The atmosphere that the reader gets into at first is the ever-present threat of death and the psychologically torturing situations of the American soldiers on their daily life.In this text, Brian Turner uses figurative language, cliché and other textual strategies to capture the attention of the reader and make the poem more meaningful as well as clear. I will analyze these strategies and the emotions they present to the reader.
In the first stanzas, the author narrates about some common practices, which according to the title of this poem is something that every soldier should know about it. In addition, this inspires the reader to feel that these instructions are a way of showing respect to the Arabic culture and that the soldiers must be familiar with this culture as well as the optimum techniques to deal with it. According to the writer “If you hear gunfire on a Thursday afternoon, it could be for a wedding, or it could be for you.” (Turner, 609).The author mentions some Arabic practices that are present in the Arabic world such as use of gunfire celebration in the wedding, which the foreigners may misunderstand and act in the wrong way, in the process causing serious problems to the American soldiers. This stanza represents the Arab culture in general and every soldier should know about it.The atmosphere that the readers create when they read this stanza, is that there are some common cultural practices that the soldiers should know about the Arabic world which normally are not acknowledged. Since they are so close to the Arabic cultural practices daily, the American soldiers must know that they are strangers to this world and they ought to deal with these practices in a proper way to avoid any severe consequences. My take here is that the American soldiers ought to learn this atmosphere and respect others.
The author uses some words to represent a common phrase, which help the soldiers to be in the safe side in the Arabic world. Furthermore, this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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