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Blood diamonds, how they originated and what's been done to clamp down on the industry - Essay Example

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The issue of Blood Diamonds came into view when Global Witness, an NGO released a document in 1993 which shed light on the gravity of the diamond trade situation. Since then much has been done to curtail the problem of conflict diamonds.
Conflict Diamonds originate from three…
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Blood diamonds, how they originated and whats been done to clamp down on the industry
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Extract of sample "Blood diamonds, how they originated and what's been done to clamp down on the industry"

Download file to see previous pages However, militant groups gain access to diamonds fields in order to get access to money.
The main reason that Diamonds have been able to fund civil wars is not just because they are present in conflict regions but also because diamonds are a concentrated form of wealth. Moreover they are fungible and are dealt by smugglers and arms dealers.
Diamond trade is considered to be a very shady business considering that this business has financed and ‘funded wars, massive death, and refugee crisis in Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Cote d’Ivoire’ (Bieri, 1).
Diamond mines are often accompanied with some militant groups who want to control the diamonds mines in order to fulfill their own agendas. Many civil wars have been fought where the only source of funding for the militant groups were diamonds that were traded legally in the diamond market. The money received from these deals was then used to buy weapons to further fund civil wars.
Even to this date, trade of blood diamonds continues as militant groups have been replaced by terrorist organizations such as the Al-Qaeda. Reports on blood diamonds and Al-Qaeda have revealed that Al-Qaeda has been funded to some extent by blood diamonds (Campbell, 213).
Blood Diamonds have been the cause of many crimes against humanity. Militant groups that deal with blood diamonds require the services of the local people to mine these diamonds. The local people are forced to work pathetically in diamond mines just out of fear of these militant groups. In order to instill fear among the masses, a militant group by the name of RUF, amputated lips, ears, legs, breasts, and tongues of the local people. The trade of blood diamonds has also been the cause of 4 million deaths.
In the 1990s, before relevant steps were taken to curb the problem, conflict diamond trade amounted to be between 3.7-20 percent of the total global diamond trade (Bieri, 1). All these diamonds were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Blood Diamonds, How They Originated and what'S Been Done to Clamp down Essay.
“Blood Diamonds, How They Originated and what'S Been Done to Clamp down Essay”, n.d.
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Conflict diamonds are sold in order to raise money for armed conflict weapons and civil wars. Profits from this trade are worth billions of dollars. This profit is used by warlords to purchase firearms during the rebel wars. Countries affected include Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. These wars have resulted to an estimated 3.7 million deaths. (Storm,26)
Although the wars are now over and fighting rate has declined, the con of blood diamonds still persists. The diamonds mined in this rebel- held zones reach the international diamond market by, smuggling the diamonds into neighboring countries and exporting them into the international diamond market, as a legitimate diamond trade.
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