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Diamond - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Professor Course Date Diamond; A Journey To The Heart Of An Obsession Mathew Hart’s “Diamond; a journey to the heart of an obsession” narrates the story of the large pink from a Brazilian riverbed. The small-scale miner in the area made this discovery…
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Download file to see previous pages When the brokers see the rock, it strikes interests immediately. Hart tells of the geology of the great stones. A boy in a South Africa found the first stone in the 1869 lying on a firm. This created the greatest cartel in the history of the business. Hart tells of the discovery in the Arctic Circle that is the richest diamond fields in the world. His description of cutting the gem packs full suspense. The color in the gem was captivating to the interested parties. At one point, the person examining it was not sure what to comprehend of the color of the gem. He then portrays the lives of Indian experts who made valuable stone from what was worthless. Inadvertently, the red rock travels out of America, Toronto, Johannesburg and London. After an expert examines the quality of the large pink and made, its value known to spike more curiosity to the interested parties. The book actuates through various diamond lore. The meaning of the legend in the treasure of diamonds and the chain of ownership from excavation shaft to display, the science, entrepreneurship, and corporate architecture of the vast diamond industry in Brazil, India, and Africa. There is also absolute romance in the whole enterprise and the cunning thieves. Hart wisely avoids those facets of diamonds having lost their splendor, Dirty frauds in the industry and contemporary pressure of the cartels. Hart’s substantial political insights into the diamond trade sometimes fail by omission. The companies, like a black swan, pay upfront but gets nothing from the venture. Then after a while, word spreads that the diamond is in china. The tycoon places the gem in his collection. The book shows the dark side of diamonds and the thievery that pervades this business. He reveals about the magnitude of war diamonds that finance the civil wars in Africa. In light of this, the people get a substantial amount of money from the mines. The worst fact is that the people here get rich for a while and then lose their money from careless spending. Diamonds bring conflict in any society. Globally the sale of the “large pink” diamond brought bad blood between a company and the populace. In the community, small-scale miners spend hours, while others abandon their homes for the search of the precious commodity that would change their lives. When they finally get the diamonds, they get less pay and the big companies or brokers get the big money. The miners also never get to get out of the mines since they are not educated. In countries like Sierra Leone, conflicts that lead to civil wars occur because of this precious gem. For some individuals, it changes their lives tremendously. This happens to very few people if not any. This illusion cultivates the urge for people to risk their lives in the name of mining. Diamond is associated with violence all over the world. The miners leave their families to fend for themselves and in the end do the exact opposite. They suffer disappointment everyday and hope to find the gem that makes them smile. In a good light diamond can develop peoples’ lives in a big way if the resource is safe. Sierra Leone is an example of a scenario of mismanagement. The DeBeers Company mined for years in the country at the expense of the people. This tells of the extensive lust for money and the suffering of the people. The book depicts how the common person is always in the hands of the few rich. The underprivileged get to work, while the privileged reap the money. It shows how the diamond cartels go in deep in the developing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diamond Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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