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Social Performance of Organizations - Research Paper Example

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The nature, structure, types of products or service of De Beers Diamond Co., and two (2) key factors in the organizations external environment that can affect its success and rationale…
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Social Performance of Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages 3. Five ways in which the primary stakeholders can influence the organization financial performance 6
4. One (1) controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with De Beers Company 8
5. Assuming you are the leader of the most influential stakeholder group, outline a plan to form a stakeholder coalition to force the organization to address your chosen controversial issue. The plan should include the key steps that you would take to identify members for your coalition group, the major reasons why you believe that the particular target group can help you to accomplish your goal, and the method you would utilize to foster collaboration among the various groups you target.... 8
6. Assume the role as the leader of the most influential stakeholder group, and indicate three potential challenges that you may face in encouraging stakeholders to form a coalition to help you achieve your goals. Suggest the significant steps that you would take in order to overcome these challenges that you have identified. Justify the response. ... 9
The Business structure of De Beers Diamond Co., is a consortium of miners that merged in order create a monopoly on the production of all diamonds coming out of South Africa. Image below shows diamonds production in 2003 showing featuring Botswana to be the largest diamond producer in the world. Botswana is the biggest source of diamond supply of De Beers.
Mergers and acquisitions has been the type of its business structure since it was formed. Its products are rough diamonds. In later years, the company ventured into miniature jewelries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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