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According to Katie Fallon, the industrial activities accompanied by the extensive mining of coal have disturbed the natural habitat of the region. She is of…
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Short Writes
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New West Virginia main concern of the in this blog post is water pollution that is prevalent in the water bodies of West Virginia. According to Katie Fallon, the industrial activities accompanied by the extensive mining of coal have disturbed the natural habitat of the region. She is of the opinion that the environment of West Virginia has become so polluted that there is a need to re-setup the whole place. For her it is just like establishing a whole new West Virginia that is clean and healthy. Inhabitants of the region must take vigilant initiatives in order to restore the environment. Katie Fallon argues over priorities, she believes that people must feel accountable for disturbing the natural balance in the wake of temporary economic gains. Coal mining is centuries hold occupation for people living in West Virginia. Coal is definitely an energy efficient fossil fuel, but the side effects that it leaves on the environment, and the health of the people challenges its usefulness. Almost 95% of the power generation in West Virginia is carried out by burning of coal, whereas the overall contribution of coal in energy production is 35% nationwide. Therefore, the author believes that people should unite and take a step in preserving and protecting the water bodies in Western Virginia.
Definitely, burning of fossil fuels and other associated industrial activities has damaging effect on the environment. Katie Fallon is right when she blames the inhabitants of West Virginia for showing irresponsibleness. Her desire for the restoration of West Virginia is valid, because the scenario that has been express by the author is more than just alarming; it appears as an emergency situation that demands emergency measures. To further elaborate her arguments, Katie Fallon have used a narrative style; all the clauses of her arguments are more or less first hand experiences. Since, she is the inhabitant of that place her concerns for the upcoming generations of West Virginia are understandable. She claims that her ancestors were involved in coal mining, however, she argues that the times have changed, and so has the technology, therefore, the people need to accept the mistakes that they have committed in the past, and they should look towards restoration.
Overall the article cannot be rated as 100% convincing, there were a few loop holes in the text, moreover, at times while reading this blogpost it seems that there are few missing junctions in the article. However, Katie Fallon has been successful in conveying her message, and the data presented by her to support the facts satisfies the basic needs of a scientific argument. Thus, this article belongs to the genre of appeal, where the author is asking people to understand the complications and perils associated with the current state of West Virginia. Instead of a narrative account, this article could have been written by following simple scientific writing tools, and it could have been relatively short, considering the repetition in the text. Read More
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Short Writes Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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