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Its culture and traditions, including the trivia about the towns all combine in order to create a highly interesting and learning topic that allows us to learn more about the history of the country through…
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Introduction & Conclusion
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Sierra Leone: My Historic Hometown Each town in West Africa represents a significant part ofAfrican history. Its culture and traditions, including the trivia about the towns all combine in order to create a highly interesting and learning topic that allows us to learn more about the history of the country through the town and its people. That is why I am so proud to have come from one of the most historic towns in West Africa, Freetown in Sierra Leone. It is a historic hometown in the sense that it offers people 3 important access points to our nations history. This paper will give you an overview of the history of my hometown and some information and trivia of note that helps make the Freetown, Sierra Leone area of West Africa a very interesting place to visit.
Not everyone knows that Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone and as such, holds the distinction of having the Atlantic Ocean as its major port. This city, with a current population of over 1.2 million has an economy that relies heavily on the harbor for its jobs with the Sierra Leone River providing most income for the population thanks to having the worlds largest natural deep water harbor. As a historical landmark, Freetown is home to the founding history of Sierra Leone. Founded by African - Americans, it once also housed liberated West-Indian and African slaves. All symbolically represented by the Cotton Tree which once stood as the historic symbol of Freetown.
Freetown exists with a mostly tropical climate that has only 2 seasons, wet and dry that is enjoyed by the Muslim and Christian residents of the area. All of whom are united by the Krio (Creole language) that is the first language of all Freeportians. English is also spoken widely among the more well educated members of the town society.
Comprised of 6 municipalities and governed by a city council, its local government is composed of a typical heirarchy: a mayor with executive authority who also happens to be the city manager, and the elected members of the Freetown City Council who hold their offices for 4 years respectively. It has been led by the All Peoples Congress since the 2004 elections.
As a modern 21st century town, Freeport continues to exercise its importance as the economic center of Sierra Leone. With the continued development of the Queen Elizabeth Quay II, the Freetown port is highly capable of receiving a vast number of ocean going vessels in support of the countrys export industry. Industrial developments covering food and beverage processing, fish packing, rice milling, oil refining, diamond cutting, and other manual labor industries continue to grow, flourish, and modernize in the town of Freeport as well. Thus ensuring that Freeport will be an important and historical community in Sierra Leone for decades to come. Read More
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