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The text alignment is good, the language is simple professional as well as polite. The writer rightly placed the attachments. He separates correctly main body of the…
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Instructions/Survey Case Study; Critique, Description or Definition, and Online Exploration
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English: Survey Case Study Critique Affiliation of Your College] [Address of Your College] My FROM: [type your name]
DATE: July 31, 2014
SUBJECT: A Critique of Jane Treadway Memo
The Memo by Jane Treadway directed towards employees is informative. However, it has a number of shortcomings as it partially meets the guidelines of writing a good business memo.
The writer also shows the right spacing between the paragraphs (double) and this makes it easy to read the Memo. The text alignment is good, the language is simple professional as well as polite. The writer rightly placed the attachments. He separates correctly main body of the memo from the attachments. The attachments come after the body and main content of the Memo. This makes the ideas in the memo to be continuous and concise. It helps to avoid interruptions in the flow of the ideas.
Firstly, the Memo presents the main idea in the right format. In addition, it is informative since it gives a detailed recap and its intent. The introductory statement gives a direct idea about the reason for the memo. This help to capture the attention of the reader. This makes the memo achieve the aim of passing across information.
However, the structure of the memo is poor. Formatting does not meet the requirements. The date is right justified instead of being aligned in the same way as the subject. The subject of the memo is not clear; it should be descriptive as much as possible. A clear subject draws the attention of the reader. It should capture the main idea behind the Memo. It should include an idea about what is to be covered.
The other shortcoming of the Memo is that it is lengthy and gives many unnecessary details. The Memo should be simple. The use of bullets could have helped to reinforce the information without necessarily delving into too many details. Similarly, the sentences are long, making it unprofessional. The other shortcoming of the Memo is the length of the sentences. A good memo should have short sentences that capture the subject matter.
Finally, the Memo has no sign from the writer; neither does it capture the source of the information. It points a sense of negligence, since it assumes the workers knew the source or did attend the previous meeting. The source should be well-stated and main intent given in summary.
The Memo has many shortcomings as listed above, and this should be addressed urgently. I have made a number of recommendations to that effect.
I recommend a raft of changes to be done in that effect. The writer should correct the sentence structure, and make them shorter. The writer should use the correct date format. The length of paragraphs should be shorter and in summarized form. The writer should also identify the source of the information.
Thank you, for your prompt response to this Memo.
Brock, S. L. (2009). Better business writing becomes a more powerful communicator (5th Ed.).
Rochester, N.Y.: Axzo Press. Read More
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