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Why Are College Students Stressed What Can We Do - Essay Example

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However, beyond merely denoting that university/college students are stressed and that this has a negative impact upon their lives, not to mention…
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Why Are College Students Stressed What Can We Do
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Download file to see previous pages ausal factors that contribute to stress within the life college student as well as some prescriptive changes that can be utilized as a function of reducing the overall level stress. In such a manner, it is the hope of this particular author that the information which will be put forward can be useful not only in seeking to further define this negative externality of you but in seeking to promote best practices that will improve the quality of life, health, and stress reduction of the individual that might otherwise high stress during their college years.
Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, there are two types of pressures that are inherent within the university system. The first of these has to do with pressures that are placed upon the student by the University and those that are placed on the student by none other than the student themselves. Although these definitions may seem somewhat simplistic, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms by which these stressors impact upon the student are various and multifaceted. Taking the example of the way in which the University creates expectations that stress the student, this can of course be understood in terms of race, scholarships, class standing, and other norms that exist within the University system. Whereas it is true that it is necessary for a student to put forth maximum effort as a function of learning the material at hand, most educators would currently agree that the University education has become so focused upon this component of education that the learning of the material, is a distant third or fourth in terms of overall priorities (Pedersen 623). This is a fundamental drawback and weakness that is exhibited within the current educational system in colleges and universities around the country. In order for this to be ameliorated, it will be necessary for universities and colleges to insist that educational attainment and knowledge acquisition is the main determinant by which success can be judged; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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