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The reporter states that after reviewing and analyzing the structure of organization during the audit duration, he obtained fundamental information most of which point to numerous discrepancies in the behavior of some of the employees of the company thus explaining the origin of the problem…
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Lack of Effective Professional Codes and Motivation
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After reviewing and analyzing the structure of your organization during the audit duration, I obtained fundamental information most of which point to numerous discrepancies in the behavior of some of the employees of the company thus explaining the origin of the problem. Just as is the case with any other commercial organization, your company has a primary objective of sustained profitability. However, such is difficult to achieve owing to the structure of the organization that permits the infiltration of personal problems at the place of work besides the lack of effective supervision of the employees in order to enhance the employees’ dedication to the company. Among the sources of problem in the company, that the auditing discovered included:
Lack of effective professional codes
Lack of effective motivation
Non-ethical practice
Lack of dedicated supervision of the employees
Employees require a conducive working environment, one that encourages profitability. Your company lacks such a structure a feature that gives rise for numerous unethical practices most of which derail the operations of the employees at the organization. Motivation and supervision are two primary roles of the management that influences the profitability of a company since they affect the productivity of the employees. The management must therefore enhance the motivation of its employees besides securing a conducive working environment for the same employees. This way, it becomes possible to develop a structure of accountability in the company thus improving the productivity of the commercial organization.
Two cases of sexual molestation went unreported within the last three months. Such is an avid portrayal of an unconducive working environment. Female employees feel threatened at the organization owing to the abject disregard of the sexual offenses act in the country. The cases of sexual molestation in the company portrays the lack of unity between the management and the junior employees of the firm a feature that creates space for the senior managers to use their privileged position to sexually molest the vulnerable female employees.
In order to curb such cases and create a conducive working environment for the employees of the firm, my taskforce recommends that the company develops appropriate professional codes of conduct. Through the codes, the management must indicate the behavior it considers unwelcome in the company. Besides the codes, the management must apprehend the specific employees found guilty of molesting their juniors in the past. Such is the only way for the management to reassure its employees of the new changes thus develop their confidence.
Additionally, the management must develop an appropriate bureaucratic structure, one that enables appropriate supervision of the employees in the company. This will possibly enhance the spirit of accountability within the employees thus increasing the profitability of the organization. The employees must also uphold high ethical standards. This begins with the recruitment of professionals. Such are people who understand their profession and therefore uphold the ethical principles that govern their behavior. This way, the company will succeed in evolving into a holistic unit that operates efficiently thus recording increase in its profitability.
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