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Following persistent customer complaints regarding bounced checks, coupled with non-conciliatory bank statements and checkbook ledgers, the IT department conducted an information flow audit followed by a technology audit. Preliminary findings indicate that the recently installed…
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Comprehensive Writing Assessment
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College: Comprehensive Writing Assessment Following persistent complaints regarding bounced checks, coupled with non-conciliatory bank statements and checkbook ledgers, the IT department conducted an information flow audit followed by a technology audit. Preliminary findings indicate that the recently installed banking system is not the problem. The principal issue seems to be tellers’ inability to make proper use of the system. Rather than running transactions in a methodical manner, that is, closing, registering, consolidating or merging and finally posting, majority of tellers have been placing final posts prior to consolidating the crediting and debiting transactions. The IT department seeks to remind tellers to follow the standard method of balancing ledgers, in order to ensure that all client accounts are properly reconciled. In recognition of this system knowledge deficiency, the IT department has designed a training program. All tellers, new and old alike are expected to engage in the program, so as to be fully conversant with usage of the system.
Further scrutiny also revealed that the prompt screen for merge/consolidation does not appear consistently, which makes tellers post transactions prior to consolidating them. The assumption that the system automatically consolidates transactions has, therefore, been another key contributor to the problem of bounced checks. Therefore, tellers should not make an assumption that the system will automatically consolidate and merge. The IT department has also ensured that the icon that appears during the merge/consolidation is resized to be visible to the tellers. Additionally, restructuring and reprogramming the program was done to make sure that the correct prompt screen always appears with the icon always visible. The icon was a also located in a more prominent area of the screen for easy location. Read More
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