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Comprehension - Assignment Example

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They revisist their prior knowledge, their communications with fellow classmates, their understanding of the meanings of words and of…
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Extract of sample "Comprehension"

Download file to see previous pages percent of the 25 learners should be able to utilize the guided reading strategies employed in the lesson to enhance their skills of reading comprehension by correctly reading atleast 15 of the 20 difficult words used in the literature.
The class has 25 learners, 5 of who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The special case students are content in the classroom but can hardly concentrate for long during a comprehension lesson. Therefore, an assistant teacher will be ready to lend a hand by ensuring that the 5 students remain alert during the lesson, but if they can’t concentrate at all, they will be handled through an Individualized Education Plan.
To really understand the importance of compassion, students will read a literature that advances the cause. A real life story about compassion titled “Nothing is more important than teaching compassion,” available on>, will be read during the lesson
“Good morning class! Today we are going to learn how we can enhance our comprehensive knowledge. Does anyone understand the term comprehension?” The teacher will get the responses of about 6 students in the class. S/he will then write the word on the board and define it. “Comprehension refers to understanding and explaining a particular word, sentence or story to another person.” The teacher will ask the students about their perceptions of comprehension. Through guided reading the teacher will lead the class in reading a poem (Montelongo, Herter, Ansaldo, & Hatter, 2010). “What did you understand about the poem?” The teacher will elaborate the poem and emphasize to the students on the importance of comprehension. “Now we want to read the scripture verses.” The reading will be done during the siscussion.
NOTE: Add PRE-TEST for lesson that you will actually teach [IPPR], to document student learning for Assessment Project. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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