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One of these types of arguments has been categorized as deductive. According to logic philosophers, deductive arguments are defined by the fact that the conclusion deduced…
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Create an Inductive and Deductive Argument
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Deductive and Inductive Arguments Deductive and Inductive Arguments Logic philosophers have developed two types of arguments that have been widely used in different fields. One of these types of arguments has been categorized as deductive. According to logic philosophers, deductive arguments are defined by the fact that the conclusion deduced from the premises is always true. This implies that, there is no possibility for the premises being true but the conclusion formed remaining false. Therefore, in deductive arguments, the premises and inferences are the basis on which the conclusion is formed. On the other hand, inductive arguments, which form the second category of arguments, do not necessarily have conclusions that are true. In inductive arguments, the basis of logic relies on a probability that one of the premises offers support to the conclusion. In the section below, a deductive and an inductive argument will be developed and analyzed critically identifying the specific type under each category of argument.
The given statement: Traditional publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital publication.
Deductive Argument
All the traditional publishing systems have been dominated by the digital revolution;
Traditional publication is one of the traditional publishing systems;
Therefore, traditional publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital publication.
Inductive Argument
Digital publication has become popular, so traditional publishing has probably become unnecessary;
Traditional publication is unnecessary in the modern day;
Therefore, traditional publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital publication.
In the arguments presented above, the Modus Ponens type of deductive argument has been used. In the case of the inductive argument, the causal inference type has been used because the premises and the conclusion establish a probable cause-effect relationship. In my opinion, inductive arguments are more effective in supporting the provided statement because they present an opportunity for a researcher to identify new ideas unlike deductive arguments which do not present such an opportunity (Waicukauski, Sandler, & Epps, 2001).
Waicukauski, R. J., Sandler, P. M., & Epps, J. A. A. (2001). The winning argument. Chicago, Ill: Section of Litigation, American Bar Association. Read More
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