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The Italian Way by Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli - Essay Example

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Book Review: The Italian Way by Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli Institution Date Book Review The following is a book review on “The Italian way: food and social life by Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli. This book review attempts to identify the question(s) that the authors sought to answer…
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The Italian Way by Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli
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Extract of sample "The Italian Way by Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli"

Download file to see previous pages In their book, Harper and Faccioli (2009) aimed at finding answers to different sociological questions in respect to Italian food and social life. Amongst the questions that the authors wanted to find their answers included preparation of Italian foods in different contexts such as regional and national identify, sacred versus profane contexts, and scarcity versus plenty, as well as the idea of how labor, power, and love correlate within Italian social life. Within these contexts, Harper and Faccioli (2009) wanted to find out how Italian food correlated to different scenarios. For instance, Harper and Faccioli (2009) wanted to identify and evaluate how Italian food was prepared during periods where there was plenty of food on one hand and during scenarios when food was scarce in another hand. In addition, Harper and Faccioli (2009) wanted to establish the motivation and organization that was attributed to the creation of Italian meals. Other than the above concerns with respect to Italian food and social life, Harper and Faccioli (2009) sought out to research how Italians make food whilst considering both material and cultural ways. It is obvious that Italian food preparation is highly determined by available materials as well as the cultural aspects (De Luca, et al., 2005). For instance, there is food stuff associated with the north while in other areas; there is food stuff associated with the south. All these formed the basis of conducting the research in a bid to finding answers thereby making conclusions and recommendations on the same. Harper and Faccioli (2009) also had interests in examining the role or significance of structure within organization of food-based social life in addition to attributed simultaneous improvisation. Lastly, the researchers wanted to find out how people differ in their dedication to cooking as well as commitments to different aspects of cuisine. All these aspects of the study were aimed at creating an understanding of the Italian way of life through considering their foods and social life (De Luca, et al., 2005). By answering these concerns, Harper and Faccioli (2009) met or attained their main objectives of the research or study. Reading through this book and findings by Harper and Faccioli (2009), it is clear that food within Italy explains the social life of Italians. The research by Harper and Faccioli (2009) transverse different areas that are directly influenced by Italian foods hence making it easy to understand how Italians and interact in respect to food. No doubt, this book creates an understanding of various relationships such as regional and national identity of individuals through the use of foods (De Luca, et al., 2005). Food is one of the basic needs that mankind needs. It is also true that on the perspective of food, it becomes possible to fully understand a society better (Harper and Faccioli, 2009). From the findings of this book, it becomes explicitly clear that Italian food can be used to explain social life of Italians. As such, it is possible to use food in order to explain social lives of different communities within the global spectrum. Harper and Faccioli (2009; p14) claims that “food is a center through which concentric circles of cultural meanings are organized.” In this assertion it is clear that for every community or culture food is usually considered as the center of understanding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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