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Analzye a Scene Assignment - Essay Example

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After this scene we think of Othello as of positive character. Shakespeare puts an accent on how trustful Othello is and, as we…
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Analzye a Scene Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages s highly qualified and honored general, and nevertheless he is moor, the Duke of Venice names him “the valiant Moor”, “valiant Othello” and shows him great respect. And when Brabantio brings charges upon Othello, Duke doubts about Othello’s guilt and gives him an opportunity to clear his name.
Here comes Desdemona, introducing herself. From her and Othello reader figures out about their love story. To my mind, it’s also important how Desdemona’s character opens Othello’s one. We see love between these two and how close they are. Also how they care about each other. When Othello hears that he must leave Desdemona because of his general’s duty, he says:
In this scene other characters continue to open too. We see that Iago isn’t only double-faced, but also mercenary. He considers Roderigo (who’s unluckily in love with Desdemona) as a purse, packed with money. Iago selfishly plays on Roderigo’s misery. And we see Brabantio – an old-fashion, conservative father, a racist, who is full of prejudices.
I’ve also noticed that with this scene begins a historical background of the play. Sailor and messenger appear with controversial information, during senators and duke’s consultation and suddenly there is need of action – all that brings war’s dynamic, a particular kind of pressure on characters and gives audience an understanding how Othello’s natural environment feels ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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