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Hence, it is through this way he managed to have people’s attention and admiration whereby in turn Bostonians yielded their hearts to him. People viewed him as one of their own who has experienced…
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I want you to choose a suitable topic for each page
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Blog assignment Rise of J. M. Curley Curley’s key to power was by associating himself with the poor from Boston. Hence, it is through this way he managed to have people’s attention and admiration whereby in turn Bostonians yielded their hearts to him. People viewed him as one of their own who has experienced the reality of poverty. Therefore, this to the people implied when he is on top they will have somebody capable of catering for their needs. His deplorable background coupled with an impeccable ability to win people’s heart by a word of mouth elevated him to greater heights in politics.
I think the film exhibits Curley more as a “Mayor of the Poor” evident in the way he offers himself to be the most approachable person of that rank in comparison to others that assumed the same position before. This is evident in the way he constantly makes contact with the people whom he thought desperately needed money and voted for him immensely. Hence, disentangle them from what they were struggling with in financially. Literally, he had no business with the rich but more specifically the poor who comprised the immigrants and supported him politically in maintaining his mayoral position.
Curley extensively utilized his charismatic and magnetic speaking prowess in outdoing his competitors (Allison & Bulger 33). Hence, it is for this reason he manages to offer series of speeches throughout the city and country to win people’s heart. One incident that he successfully managed to outdo his competitor was when he was challenging Kenny. He took his speech and read impeccably to the people besides later repeating how Kenny would have done while repeating sections and statements that his competitor showed flaws in delivering it. Hence, revealing the dull and weakness side of Kenny.
Curley’s house is a metaphorical representation of his life and political career. It signifies his rise in politics and personal life from a poor background to the level he is at the top of everybody by being a mayor in Boston. Similar to any political career that has a climax, this also happens to Curley whereby after loosing power, skills as well as other political antics becomes obsolete to the extent together with his wife moves to a small house. This is shifting of power from one personality to another especially, which is a common scenario when attached its attachment encompasses material and position.
The film utilizes Curley’s climax in his political career in revealing the true traits of this charismatic mayor. This is because while he was poor and insignificant, some of his traits were unknown especially in identifying an enemies’ weakness using it to outdo them.
Based on what I have read and watched both the book as well as the film does not portray contrasting implications to the extent of changing that of mine. Both relay Curley as an approachable and good man by people especially the poor whom he loved to help a lot. This is to the extent of sometimes getting in his pocket to intervene in solving his people’s predicaments that entailed financial support. Judging from his conduct, it is evident that he did not like the rich who naturally boast of having amassed much and entail to have attention everywhere they normally happen to be. Conversely, Curley’s attitude towards them is utter ignorance and does not in any event give them audience.
Blog Assignment #2:
1) What do you find to be the most notable similarities and differences between Skeffington and Curley? Cite specific examples from both the film and various class texts related to James Michael Curley.
Both Skeffington and Curley in comparison share almost the same childhood background, which is from abject poverty before being successful in politics. They were sons of poor immigrants but due to their charismatic trait and being approachable to the people, they represented managed to climb the political ladder more quickly. This is evident in the way they interacted with people despite having assumed influential positions whereby to some people end up not having time for the less fortunate. However, in the case of both these characters they knew where the power lies, which is from the people. Hence, they could not assume the lay people who comprised immigrants and majority but respect as well as being generous to them.
Despite both descending from humble backgrounds, they relied on diverse sources by their respective mothers to survive when they were young. Curley’s mother was a house cleaner whereas Skeffington’s was a criminal but not the hard type (Ford). The revelation about the latter mother’s occupation was through Skeffington while relaying his early life and political journey to the position of a mayor to his nephew. This astonishes the nephew after knowing the real character of his grandmother.
In addition, they are both most approachable and seem to like the poor irrespective of their mayoral positions. This is because of how they end up interacting with people and sharing common humor irrespective of the position they may be facing. Hence, they have a word for each individual they meet (Ford).
In delivering respective speeches, they are more competent compared to their opponents. Hence, manage to woo many people by their impeccable ways of communicating.
2) In addition, please identify one specific scene from the film that you’d like to review and analyze and explain your rationale for choosing this scene.
I would like to review and analyze the scene featuring both Skeffington and his nephew. This is the time the former was relaying his historical background of their family to his nephew who seems naïve and uninformed regarding the long journey the Mayor had made to be where he was during as a mayor and an influential person in Boston (Ford).
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Allison, Robert & Bulger, William. James Michael Curley. Commonwealth Editions, 2011. Print.
The Last Hurrah (1958). Dir. John Ford. USA. 1958. Film Read More
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