The different between japanese cars and american car (gas , price, power engine,safety) - Essay Example

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Generally, Japanese cars are better than American cars. First, Japanese cars are more reliable compared to American cars. Japanese cars such as Toyota, Subaru and Nissan are very reliable compared to American…
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The different between japanese cars and american car (gas , price, power engine,safety)
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Lecturer Essay # Japanese cars versus American cars When people buy cars, they want to get the best cars in the market. Generally,Japanese cars are better than American cars. First, Japanese cars are more reliable compared to American cars. Japanese cars such as Toyota, Subaru and Nissan are very reliable compared to American brands. Secondly, in terms of fuel efficiency, Japanese cars such as Toyota and Nissan are better than the American cars such as Chevrolet and Ford. Of the top ten most fuel efficient cars in the world, six are Japanese cars. Thirdly, Japanese cars show better engine performance compared to the American cars. For example, Nissan GT-R R35, which is a Japanese brand, accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds compared to Shelby GT500 from America which takes 4 seconds. These two cars are in the same category. Forth, in terms of price, American and Japanese brands have almost similar prices. For instance, consider the Dodge Charger from America and the Subaru Impreza from Japan. These two cars have almost similar specifications and size. The Dodge Charger is priced at about $ 33,400 while the Impreza is at $ 34000. Compared to the advantages of the Japanese cars in terms of performance, fuel efficiency and reliability, the Japanese cars are cheaper. Finally, Japanese brands are among the safest cars in the world. They have good safety features. Read More
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