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According to Indiana State University news, The United Way of the Wabash annual Day of Action previously referred to as the caring days; is an open day for organizations, families, individuals or businesses to show their support and participate in community events…
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Wabash Valley Day of Action
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Wabash Valley Day of Action According to Indiana news, The United Way of the Wabash annual Day of Action previously referred to as the caring days; is an open day for organizations, families, individuals or businesses to show their support and participate in community events. The overall aim is to make the community sustainable and a better place. The focus areas involve upgrading the social, environment and economic aspects of the community. Just like the in the past, Elanco sponsored this year’s event.
As highlighted, the purpose of the action day is to connect persons with significant volunteer involvements in the Wabash Valley. Therefore, the volunteers participate in short community interventions. The activities are prioritized in the order of their significance to the community. Some of which entail health, education, basic human needs and income generating activities.
The program for the day entailed giving volunteers from community partnerships, banks and businesses opportunity to work in four hour community projects. These include; landscaping and painting at local organizations, spending time with disabled persons and clean-up activities. The objectives for the Day of Action included; to provide chance for volunteers in the existing organizations and to give volunteers service chances with the non-profit organizations.
From my attendance, I learned that Day of Action is a superb team building and morale uplifting event. It also enables employees from different organizations to participate in the community interventions. Generally, the day of action provides good opportunities for businesses to promote employee volunteerism. Further, it provides exceptional team building and bonding experience. These serves to offer new openings for individuals, companies and businesses to establish new mutual and beneficial networks. It also provides the mechanisms for forming extensive philanthropic corporations to enhance community livelihoods.
"United Way of the Wabash Valley." Latest News. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 June 2014. . Read More
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