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In Brian’s case, it’s a bit absurd because Gretchen’s personality and her musical tastes are not really compatible with saying “I love you/ I really like you a lot” using a…
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Hairstyles of the Damned Discussion 2
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Hairstyles of the Damned: On Falling In-Love and Seeing One’s Worth (Question # 3 – On falling in-love)
Making a mixed tape for someone you love is so 90’s, yet for me, I think it’s quite sweet. In Brian’s case, it’s a bit absurd because Gretchen’s personality and her musical tastes are not really compatible with saying “I love you/ I really like you a lot” using a collection of punk, rock, and metal songs. Also, their set-up as “friends” complicates how Gretchen will react to the mixed tape because they listen to their type of music together always – a mixed tape is something ordinary not something special that could stand as a symbol for love. But for what it’s worth, it is noble because Brian really put effort in choosing songs that he thinks Gretchen would like. It speaks about how he really wants to impress her and make her feel that his feelings are true. If Brian was able to make the perfect mixed tape, I think that Gretchen will still not fall for him because Gretchen just does not see Brian as a lover. Gretchen’s type in the book is Tony Degan, and though he’s a jerk and it was not fair of her to put Brian in the “friendzone”, sometimes, even in life, that’s just how it is. Brian just needs to be content in being her friend because that’s all that she can be for him.
(Question # 5 – On seeing one’s worth)
The beer scene with Brian and Gretchen’s father is one of the best scenes for me. It’s really emotional and there are a lot of youths today that can relate to what had happened. I think, that moment meant a lot to Brian. He shared a close bond with his father but when his parents divorced, it’s like he was alone and the deep connection he had with his dad all but vanished. Gretchen’s dad made him realize that he is a good person – someone who’s worth something, not just a failure, or a punk kid, or a delinquent, or a nobody. In school and in his home, he was looking for somewhere that he can be accepted and a place here he can fit in. No one had vocally appreciated him and I think that is one of the reasons why his life as so messed-up. If adults were more vocal in what they like about us young people, I think more of us will be able to turn our lives around and become good. Teens as well as anyone crave love, and appreciation – being told that you are good is a nice way to build one’s belief in one’s self and eventually direct the youth to a better life.
Meno, Joe. Hairstyles of the Damned. Punk Planet Books. 2004. Print. Read More
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