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Proposal Argument - Research Paper Example

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In 2001 September 11 the concerns became a realism when the World Trade Centre was attacked by terrorists and resulted to loss of…
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Proposal Argument Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages However, the war in Iraq has resulted into suffering and distraction of lives of the citizens. Furthermore, the incarceration of Saddam Hussein meant that terrorist threats from Iraq were no longer looming. Finally, no weapons of mass destruction were found in the country as earlier stated by the US.
I propose the millennial solution in ending the war in Iraq. To start with, the millennials are the individuals that have grown up in the face of war in Iraq. They grew up experiencing their peers being shipped to fight in wars and also watching ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ on the various media platforms (Schwartz 65). Millenials have been known to put up vibrant battles against the war. By the time the war finally came to an end in 2011, the millennials that were middle school when the war began has come of age to watch the US soldiers set up the war operations and understand what was going on.
Iraq is back in the news again as a militia organization referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq, ISIS, al-Sham among other names has spread across the southern and northern regions of the country. Unfortunately, with all the damage that has been going on, TV interviews and the debate on the internet has been missing the important contribution of millennials who are the individuals that grew up in the face of the war (Billitteri 34). The best solution that has been proposed is by getting the millenials more involved in the peace-keeping and finding a lasting solution for the war in Iraq.
It has been observed that this generation did not vote for the war that started in 2003 or even plan for it. Nevertheless, they have paid a dear price for it. To start with, the war has taken the lives of approximately 4,500 millenials and cost the nation a figure estimated between $4 to $6 trillion (Billitteri 15). The war has also taken away the lives of more than 100,000 innocent civilians. Regrettably, there are global political leaders that have served as champions for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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