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Honor - Essay Example

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Honour is priceless meaning that it cannot be traded for something and can only be earned from the respect of the members of society. This is developed from the way an individual relates with…
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Extract of sample "Honor"

Module Honour There is a valuable trait that all individuals have and it is referred to as honour. Honour is priceless meaningthat it cannot be traded for something and can only be earned from the respect of the members of society. This is developed from the way an individual relates with the members of society ranging from family, friends, colleagues in the work place and strangers. The best example of how honour is viewed in our daily lives through our actions and utterances. An individuals’ honour is depends on their utterances and if they fail to act in accordance to their words, they are left with no honour (Dailey 5). The Merriam Webster dictionary defines honour an ardent sense of what is described as ethical conduct. However, it is somewhat difficult to give the actual definition of honour in the modern times. The term may appear to have the same literal meaning in various languages however, various acts and behaviours are viewed as being honourable in the various cultures. This essay gives my own definition of the concept of honour and how its examples in the modern world.
In my opinion honour is the ability of individuals to be themselves. Additionally, it refers to the ability of individuals to think independently and doing what they deem to be right. This is my definition of honour given the modern society is characterized by brainwashed people with justified opinions in all issues affecting society (Dailey 7). It takes an honourable individual with a real self-worth to think and act independently regardless of the trends in society or what other people think. In history, there have been honourable individuals that have set the example for the current and future generations.
Honour has various meanings to different people. To some individuals, standing up for the rights of the minority is being honourable. Others may describe the missionaries serving in African countries as the best gesture on honour. While there believe that a soldier dying in war while fighting for their country as being honourable (Dailey 8). While these deeds are viewed as being honourable, they all revolve around the point that honour refers to the act of doing what is right. The individuals that advocated for the rights of the majority do it because it is right. The same applies for missionaries that go to African countries to preach the word of God. Finally, the soldiers that die in war do it to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens. While these incidences may vary, they have a major and common aspect, in all instances; these actions were undertaken under the moral conviction to do the right thing. What is clear is that the number of honourable individuals has reduced considerably over the years.
In summary, honour is a valuable character trait that cannot be treated for anything. It is earned from the way an individual relates with other members of the society. It is clear that different people have varying definitions of the concept however, it all these boil down to individuals doing they seen as being right.
Work Cited
Dailey, Janet. Honour. New York: Kensington, 2012. Print. Read More
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