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The ethics that support meat eaters and non-meat eaters - Essay Example

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The researcher of this paper argues the ethics that support eating meat and presents arguments against eating meat. The arguments and ethics of vegetarians who do not consume meat and the non-vegetarians who consume meat are ongoing since many centuries…
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The ethics that support meat eaters and non-meat eaters
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the ethics that support eating meat is the question of survival and leading a healthy life. Other than the preferences of taste and culinary matters, meat provides many proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients that are vital for people to lead a healthy life. Meat provides sufficient fat and nutrients, especially to people living in regions, where it is difficult to subsist on vegetarian food. Some examples of such regions include the Polar Regions and the desert areas, where it is difficult to grow plants in sufficient numbers, to support a growing population. The issue of killing living things becomes irrelevant since even vegans consume many products such as cosmetics, oils, medicines, wear leather shoes, and fur, all obtained from animals and their body parts. Countless animals are killed during farming, and these include insects, earthworms and others 'non-glamorous' animals, that thrive in their natural habitat. In fact, while clearing up forests for agriculture, thousands of animals and birds are disrupted from their natural homes and literally 'left in the wild', where they have no chances of survival. The argument that it is unethical to kill an animal, therefore, falls flat. Therefore, vegans also kill animals, maybe unwittingly, but they do aid in their killing and exploitation, in one form or another. It is therefore obvious that the argument used by vegetarians against meat eating seem hollow and filled with sycophancy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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