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Motivation not only helps an individual achieve the goals, but also plays a pivotal role in the establishment of goals in the first place. An unmotivated person does not set any goals and takes the life as it comes…
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IP - English
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Motivation and Writing To be motivated means to have a drive to achieve one’s goals. Motivation not only helps an individual achieve the goals, but also plays a pivotal role in the establishment of goals in the first place. An unmotivated person does not set any goals and takes the life as it comes to him/her, mostly just passing time rather than really living through it. From this point of view, the extent of motivation in an individual is a measure of the individual’s livelihood, zeal, and spirit to spend a rich, fulfilling, and satisfying life.
While the motivation inculcates a drive in me to achieve success in the course, challenges that I encounter in the way of achieving my goals include but are not limited to my laziness, and occasional lack of ability to draw a balance between my work life and my social life. Sometimes, I spend too much time studying because of which I cannot find any time for leisure activities to refresh myself mentally and physically. At other times, I hang out with my friends for too long to be left with any time for studies. However, my desire for having a bright future keeps me on the track most of the time.
One needs motivation in order to develop good writing skills in academic and professional life. Motivation comes from realization of the benefits of good writing skills. I derive the motivation to develop good writing skills from imagining how well I would be able to perform in my studies and at work when I develop good writing skills. I imagine myself writing essays, participating in essay-writing contests, writing and winning debate competitions, and writing long passages in short time thus saving time for other questions in the exams. I also imagine myself being able to convince the employers to hire me through my professional email writing and resume building. Winning such competitions and jobs builds one’s confidence which is very essential for living a happy life.
I have noticed a lot of improvement in my writing skills over the passage of time. My writing skills have improved particularly since I started writing essays. I have realized that one needs to practice a lot in order to develop good writing skills. Reading essays from professional writers also helps develop the concept of writing and understand its various genres. In addition to that, watching movies and reading books helps one develop a good sense of phrases and styles of language that are used in everyday life. In the start, I found it hard to write long essays and keep my thoughts focused on a certain topic, but with time, I developed the patience, consistency, and determination that are required to become a good writer.
To conclude, motivation and writing skills are very important for success in both academic and professional career. Good writing skills help one express oneself at all forums and platforms. Good writing skills can be developed with motivation, practice and determination. Watching movies and reading books helps reduce the deficiency of good vocabulary. Thinking about the benefits of good writing skills inculcates the motivation in an individual to develop good writing skills. Read More
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