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The cat's table - Book Report/Review Example

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It is an adventure story detailing the journey of an eleven-year-old boy sailing from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) to England in the 1950s. Below the tideline, The Cat’s Table is a…
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The cats table
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Download file to see previous pages hen I would arrive in that other country and if she would be there.” (p.7) On board the Oronsay, the young Michael, soon nicknamed Mynah, is assigned a dining seat at the lowly Cat’s Table. During the voyage, Michael happens interact with many passengers, importantly Mr. Mazappa, whose witty and funny dispositions leave a lasting impact on his life and the deck of the ship was like an open-air university for him for self-education.
Though he came into contact with a number of people in the ship, it was Mazappa, whose musical talents and sense of humor deeply impacted Michael’s personality and perhaps his future life. He meets two other boys of his age, Ramadhin and Cassius, and he is later given to understand that his authentic first name is the same as that of the author. He thinks his nickname is motivated by his capability to parrot what he eavesdrops on the ship, and by the slight un-dependability of the mynahs imitating. He keeps notes of what people say and the novel contains excerpts from it on an extensive scale. Michael is an upbeat but aggrieved boy, whose parents separated and left him in the care of an uncle in Colombo. He feels desolation in his life, and fears that he is emotionless. Having escaped parental supervision and “bursting all over the place like freed mercury,” (p.79) Michael, the unruly Cassius, and fragile Ramadhin make a vow that seals their intimate friendship: each day they will do at least one prohibited thing.
Mazappa was known for his wit and humor. He regaled his audience with funny ideas and word combinations that raked the brains of the listeners. Obscene lyrics were his strong point. Mazappa brought the boys together and he was responsible for cementing the bond of affection amongst them. He warned the boys that they need to remain extremely careful and at the same time confided in them that the voyage would prove to be a great education. Mazappa’s words of wisdom were almost prophetic and they proved absolutely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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