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The character Ulysses is viewed as an old King who in his young days travelled to far places in search of adventures. Even at his old age, he opts to leave his throne to his son, Telemachus, and go forth in search of adventure…
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Poem ulysses
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Poem Ulysses Identify a key theme in the poem and explain how that theme appears The main theme in the poem Ulysses is perseverance. The character Ulysses is viewed as an old King who in his young days travelled to far places in search of adventures. Even at his old age, he opts to leave his throne to his son, Telemachus, and go forth in search of adventure together with his old crew (Tennyson). Ulysses views life at his age as a chance to seize no matter what it takes and pursue his dreams even if it will lead him to death. He is determined not to stay in his kingdom awaiting death as it is already boring to him, and opts to go to other lands. In stanza 2, line 23 in the poem, Ulysses says, “To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!”, denoting that spirit to feel worthwhile even at an age where people would redeem them useless. It is Ulysses perseverance that makes him wants to make this dangerous journey in his old age and admits better to die during such an adventure than to store in his boring kingdom (Tennyson).
2) Perform a character analysis of a character in the poem.
The main character in the poem is Ulysses. Ulysses is an old King whom has good memories of his young age and a vast kingdom to rule. Ulysses appears to be bored staying in one place as the spirit of adventure keeps calling him, “It little profits that an idle king” (Stanza 1, line 1). He opts to leave the kingdom to his son and make a journey to a distant land with his crew of old men. At an old age, many would expect Ulysses to stay in one place and die in peace, but the old man is determined to die while happy on an adventure (Tennyson). Ulysses is seen as a person who does not give up in life, but is determined to hold on onto the one thing that makes him happy. He even makes a move to leave his wife behind and go to the seas with his old crew with whom he has had several adventures with.
3) Write two literal questions / two interpretive questions /two evaluative questions from the poem
(i) What are some of the major themes depicted in the poem Ulysses?
(ii) Analyse some of the characters mentioned in the poem Ulysses?
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