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Fall of the House of Usher Journal - Essay Example

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When the Narrator arrives, he notices an incestuous relationship between Roderick Usher and Madeline Usher, her sister. With no spouses they cohabit in a family house, each one degenerating away surrounded by the…
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Fall of the House of Usher Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Homosexuality is an implied vice in the story. In their first meeting, Roderick Usher greets him with energetic warmth that creates a sense of an overdone cordiality. The association of the Narrator and Roderick is not entirely elaborated, the narrator describes Usher as a boyhood friend and further elaborates that they were intimate during their childhood. Usher writes the Narrator a letter asking him to accord him company during the distressful time, implies sexual attraction between the two friends. Despite being terrified by the house of Usher and his illness, the narrator cannot resist the attraction to the twisted world of Roderick (Poe and David 61).
There is an implication that Roderick and Madeline are inseparable. Madeline coming back after being buried could be perceived as a ghost coming back for revenge or simply hallucinations of Roderick, to help him remember her. The possibility that Madeline and Roderick are halves of the same person, who can only co-exist together. When Madeline dies, Roderick prefers to entomb her inside the house as opposed to using the family`s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fall of the House of Usher Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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