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The present assignment provides different tasks. For example, one of the tasks sounds like that: "Edit the following to present the information in a reader-friendly format that uses properly constructed lists" and a student has to transform the given materials…
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Exercises for Editing
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Editing Exercise I. Edit the following to present the information in a reader-friendly format that uses properly constructed lists 30 pts To prepare a slide, you will need to perform four steps. First, remove all dirt and fingerprints from the slide using acetone solvent and a clean cloth. Second, two lines, approximately 1.5 inches apart, will need to be drawn across the width of the slide. Third, at one end label the slide with an identifying number. Then, turn on the hot plate and set the temperature to warm. (15 pts.)
There are four steps involved in preparing a slide.
The first step is to remove all dirt and fingerprints from the slide using acetone solvent and a clean cloth.
The second step is to draw two lines of 1.5 inches apart across the width of the slide.
Third is to label the slide with an identifying number and turn the hotplate and set the temperature to warm.
2. To repair a glass window, you will need these tools and materials. The tools include a glass cutter, a putty knife, a window scraper, a chisel, an electric soldering iron, a razor blade, a pair of pliers, and a paint brush. The materials you will need are putty, paint, hand cleaner, linseed oil, and glazier’s points. (15 pts.)
You need tools and materials to repair a glass window. These tools include
a glass cutter
a putty knife
a window scraper
a chisel
an electric soldering iron
a razor blade
a pair of pliers
and a paint brush.
The materials you will need are;
putty paint
hand cleaner
linseed oil
and glazier’s points
II. Edit the following sentences so they focus on the real subject, focus on the real verb, use the active voice, express parallel elements in parallel structures, do not have misplaced and dangling modifiers, and do not have verbal filler. Each sentence has only one of these kinds of errors.
1. All of the required tasks were completed by the intern. (2 pts.)
The intern completed all of the required tasks.
2. Once they wilt, most garden sprays are unable to save vegetable plants from complete collapse. (2 pts.)
Most garden sprays are unable to save vegetable plants from complete collapse once they wilt.
3. There are several factors that have caused structure’s strength to be questioned by the engineers. (2pts.)
There are several factors about the structure’s strength that made it questionable to the engineers.
4. It is because the price of a college education has soared that many college graduates have accumulated large amounts of debt. (2 pts.)
The price of a college education soared that many college graduates have accumulated large amounts of debt.
5. The team leaders have not yet been designated by the project supervisor. (2 pts.)
The project supervisor has not designated team leaders.
6. We may categorize the ideal agent as fungicidal, available for oral administration, and has no toxicity. (2 pts.)
The ideal agent is fungicidal and can be administered orally because it has no toxicity.
7. The laboratory personnel’s preparation of each specimen must be done carefully. (2 pts.)
The laboratory personnel carefully prepared the specimen.
8. When correcting errors on the screen, the cursor can be moved easily with the mouse. (2 pts.)
The cursor can be moved easily with the mouse to correct errors on the screen.
9. It is not possible to reduce inflationary pressures when the federal government does not reduce its spending. (2 pts.)
The federal government has to reduce spending to reduce inflationary pressures. Read More
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Exercises for Editing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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