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The togetherness we have with my fellow accountants has contributed significantly to the increase of Ernst & Young’s clients. Despite this, some challenges associated…
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Letter Writing Exercise
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June 17, Lawlence Grey 3001 Hollywood Road Hollywood 5001 Mr. James Darwin Department Supervisor 2400 Overview Parkway Hollywood 5001
Dear Mr. James
Hallo Sir, I am writing this to inform you of the progress as well as the challenges associated with our work. The togetherness we have with my fellow accountants has contributed significantly to the increase of Ernst & Young’s clients. Despite this, some challenges associated with the character of some the accountants is likely to lead to the loss of some of the potential clients.
As I had introduced above, the togetherness of us has been as a result of the effective leadership of our team leader, Felicia. Apart from motivating us, Felicia ensures every accountant has effectively done the assigned duties within the provided time frame. Additionally, Felicia is the main contributor of the success of E&Y in terms of clients. However, I would like to draw your attention to some of the challenges that happen at the work place and requires your attention. Despite Felicia being a very successive leader, her reaction towards Curt, the client we visited today, was not that promising. The negative perception she had towards Curt made her to take control of all the talks without taking into consideration of Curl’s requests. Her emotions to clients may lead to the loss of potential clients such as Curl.
In connection to the above claim, I think it is recommendable for all accountants to regard all clients we interact with very important to our organization. It is also advisable for us employees to ensure that we control our emotions when talking with clients. Additionally, it is recommendable for us employees to keep the differences we have with clients out of our assigned duties. Otherwise, I affirm that everything is in control despite the little challenge. As one of the accountants, I look forward to ensuring E&Y has achieved its objectives.
Lowlence Grey,
E&Y Accountant. Read More
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Letter Writing Exercise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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