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Writing Exercise: Interview Summary/Synthesis - Essay Example

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Wild animals are kept in the animal park and the domesticated animals are kept in animal shelters and in people’s houses. A number of people in our community are animal lovers and have great…
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Writing Exercise: Interview Summary/Synthesis
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Extract of sample "Writing Exercise: Interview Summary/Synthesis"

People and Animals There are a number of animals in the country, the domesticated and thewild ones. Wild animals are kept in the animal park and the domesticated animals are kept in animal shelters and in people’s houses. A number of people in our community are animal lovers and have great compassion about the animals and hence animal rescue has become the order of the day. Providing these animals with proper care and a good shelter for their growth is integral. Some people term pet animals as unfriendly to the human race but offering them a place to live is a good idea though the place has to be conducive by maintaining a hygienic place with food for the animals. Some animals cannot be kept in the same place because they may not be friendly to each other, such as the dogs and cats. People should get to learn on ways of getting the animals’ proper care, on what kinds of food to feed them so as not to kick them out or even kill them when they get frustrated while taking care of them.
In order to provide the animals with proper care from the experts and in order to do this, they have to be in a shelter. It is not easy to build shelters for animals hence it calls for fundraising but yet again remains a challenge to convince people to join in the project. this is because not many people have love for these animals and some may see sheltering them as a joke while others may think that the people who have compassion for them are using them to raise funds for their own benefits.
The other challenge is coming up with a fundraising idea that will not cost more than what is raised in the fundraiser. The whole idea of getting sponsors for the animals is to be able to secure funds for proper care of the animals but once losses are eminent, there is no need in engaging in the fundraising activities at all. The idea of getting a shelter for the animals should be a long term activity and the ultimate goal is to attract potential sponsors and donors who will help in the funding of the project for a long period.
Getting people to participate in fundraising is difficult and a challenge depending on how one looks at the situation (Humane Society, 1). The secret to behind getting many people to attend and participate is by coming up with ideas of a fun and enjoyable fundraiser involving outdoor activities. These ideas should engage the community and keep them entertained because its only then they will see the products of animals. This may include walking the animals outdoors and performing outdoor activities such as running in matches and getting people to raise funds in honor of the winners. These activities will motivate people to engage in the giving to enable the animals have a better and safe life. The gains acquired from animals are obviously wide and this, if properly relayed to the will be donors and sponsors, then the funding obstacle will have been overrode.
In conclusion, although it is a challenge to convince people to fund projects for offering proper care to animals, it is worth giving it a try and coming up with the most knowledgeable ideas on how to attract potential sponsors.
Humane Society. “Have fun, raise funds.” 17 Jan. 2011. Web. 19 Apr. 2013. Read More
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