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The four people who influenced malcolm x life - Research Paper Example

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Malcolm X can be regarded as a courageous promoter for the rights of blacks and one of the foremost influential African Americans in the domain of history. Malcolm X was born during the period of 1925 in the area of ‘Omaha, Nebraska’. Besides, before Malcolm added the letter…
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The four people who influenced malcolm x life
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Download file to see previous pages ?s family background, the biographic report projects about his mother ‘Louise Norton Little’ as a homemaker as well as the mother of eight children. Malcolm’s father, ‘Earl Little’ was a minister and a supporter of Marcus Garvey who during that time was the leader of the Black Nationalist Party (Colorado State University, “Malcolm X - An Islamic Perspective.”). Adding to these, during the childhood days of Malcolm, his family was often threatened by the ‘Black Legion’ which was a ‘white supremacist organization’ and which even got its hands in the murder of ‘Earl Little’. The entire life of Malcolm took the form of struggle after this incident. These factors highlight the historical background of this ‘African-American Muslim’ minister along with ‘Human Rights Activist’ (The Estate of Malcolm X, “Biography”).
Thesis. The four individuals who had a lasting impact on Malcolm X’s life were ‘his father Earl Little’, ‘his brother Reginald’, ‘Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI) organization’ and ‘his wife Betty Shabazz’.
In the life of Malcolm X, the influence of the mentioned four individuals had been profound and compelling to direct him towards attaining greater recognition as a forthright leader of the masses. The first person who can be considered to have influenced Malcolm’s life is his father ‘Earl Little’. Malcolm’s father had been into the political scenario since long and had played a significant role in terms of influencing Malcolm to enter the world of politics after the death of his father and a long phase of struggling childhood. As stated in his biography, ever since the death of his father, all the eight children got split up either with foster parents or ended up in orphanages (The Estate of Malcolm X, “Biography”).
Malcolm during his teenage period got arrested in a case of burglary and was sentenced to suffice 10 years of imprisonment. It was during that time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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