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This dictum has been well adapted by the University of Dallas. This exemplary university combines serious creative study with vibrant extracurricular activity.
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Application letter
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of the of the of the Application Letter Any educational quest has to concentrate upon the notion that truth and virtue exist and are to be explored. This dictum has been well adapted by the University of Dallas. This exemplary university combines serious creative study with vibrant extracurricular activity.
From a very young age, I realized the importance of hard work, focused effort, knowledge, skill and optimism in achieving any goal. I happen to possess a keen sense of observation and considerable introspection. Thus, I have always been inclined to analyze any problem and attempt my very best to understand the reasons behind its occurrence.
At the same time, being of a practical bent of mind, I have diligently searched for solutions to such problems. This has launched me upon a serious study of psychology. It is my fervent desire to acquire proficiency in psychology, and as discerned by me, the best institution to acquire such expertise is none other than the University of Dallas. This explains my ambition to study at this hallowed institution.
The primary purpose of a temple of learning, such as the University of Dallas is to promote the acquisition of knowledge, and the superb faculty of this university leave no stone unturned in their endeavor to facilitate their students to achieve this goal. Such features of a university hold intense attraction for a student who is keen to acquire knowledge and embark upon a successful career. It is my humble submission that I am such a student.
Moreover, psychology, upon being studied diligently, furnishes the student with a specific manner of awareness and basic knowledge that tends to be common to all psychologists. This branch of knowledge is characterized by a vast range of knowledge and innumerable skills. The graduate student of psychology acquires a varied and deep knowledge. This tends to be limited to a few fields of knowledge. My gargantuan appetite for several types of information and skill will thus find a suitable outlet in psychology.
Any problem can have a number of origins, and this is rapidly assimilated by the students of psychology. The latter become habituated to searching for the various possible causes for any issue. This enables psychologists to have an open mind when dealing with issues. As a cognitive skill, this trait tends to be rare. In addition, psychology serves the purpose of integrating the arts and sciences. This has the consequence of providing students with liberal education. Moreover, psychology bestows a number of practical and professional skills upon its students. Veritably these skills are very close to my very being.
In addition, the development of critical thinking and analytical skills is crucial for any successful psychologist. This feature has been adequately addressed by the University of Dallas. Problem solving skills are enabled by higher level thinking, and these skills are very important for psychologists. Furthermore, it is essential for psychologists to possess the capacity to clearly analyze a problem, if a useful result is to be achieved. With regard to higher level thinking, it is basically a skill that is acquired by learning, and not a feature of the personality of the student. It has been my experience that I possess an outstanding faculty of analysis.
The foregoing provides a succinct description of my opinion regarding psychology, the obtention of proficiency in psychology, the unique nature of the learning process involved, and the incomparable psychological education provided at the University of Dallas. Read More
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Application Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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