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Memoir: A day with my Grandfather in Argentina - Essay Example

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These may be joyful, those giving us moments of happiness, pleasure and some entertainment. While on the other hand they may be the days of sorrow, discomfort and unpleasant feelings…
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Memoir: A day with my Grandfather in Argentina
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Extract of sample "Memoir: A day with my Grandfather in Argentina"

Download file to see previous pages My name is Lucas and I am a resident of the said capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. I am a student of high school in the same city. I live in a hostel near my school and use to visit my grandpa, Arturo whenever I have some spare time during my school days or in vacations. My grandpa’s residence is at a little distance from my hostel, therefore I visit my grandpa after a few days and, despite I have to stay in hostel, we are still spending sufficient time of our lives with each other. My grandpa shows a lot of love towards me as I am the only grandson of him. Similarly I also love him to the core of my heart because he brought me up very caringly after my parents passed away in an accident when I was a child.
Now, coming towards the topic under discussion, when I had my vacations after my examinations, I came to spend those days with my grandpa. The first day when I left my hostel passed in the travel from hostel to my grandpa’s home and then in rest as I was very much tired. After few days passed when I woke up a little late in the morning I was unaware of the fact that the coming few days are going to be the most beautiful days of my life.
I remember it was a glorious sunny day when I woke up. Soon after getting a fresh bath I saw my grandpa coming towards me in my room and sitting beside me. I saw an unexpected shine in his eyes and hence could not keep from asking him what the matter was for his unlimited happiness. He replied that he was going to make those coming moments memorable ones with pleasure and happiness and enjoying in my company. He told me that he had planned for these days before I came to him for my vacations. I soon realized that these are truly going to be the glorious days in my life because I had never seen such happiness in the eyes of my grandpa ever before.
After almost half an hour, both we were together on a table to have breakfast. After the breakfast, grandpa told me about his plan for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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